Horror movies aren’t for everyone. They’re intense, heart-pounding, jolting and quite unnerving at times—but I love them. It is for this reason that I was pleasantly surprised to see the first trailer for A Cure for Wellness, a psychological thriller from Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski. Trust me when I say this trailer is not for the faint of heart.

The trailer starts just like every other intense psychological trailer starts—moody, bleak and enticing—but then it takes it to another level. The film centers around a young hotshot, portrayed by Dane DeHaan, who is tasked with retrieving his company’s CEO from a mysterious spa in Switzerland. Once he arrives at the spa, things began to get really creepy.

Upon his arrival, DeHaan’s character encounters great obstacles in releasing Mr. Penbrook from the care of the spa and its overprotective doctors. Along the way, he meets a mysterious but charming girl (Mia Goth), who asks if he’s brought the cure with him, to which he retorts no. But her reply to this sets up the movie’s greater premise: “No one ever leaves,” the girl says.

In an apparent accident, DeHaan breaks his leg and is thrusted upon the care of the doctors, who use their unorthodox methods on him. Slowly falling into madness himself, he is forced to unravel the secrets of this spa and their “process of purification” if he is ever to get out with any sort of sanity left.

A beautiful trailer for a creepy movie

The whole trailer is one crazy ride into what looks like a fantastic thriller. The cinematography was done by Bojan Bazelli, who also did another well-known horror film, The Ring, and looks beautiful. Even if you’re not into horror movies, you should check out the trailer if not just for the how amazing it looks.

A Cure for Wellness is in theaters in February 17, 2017.