Palm appears to be making a comeback in 2018. An anonymous source relayed to Android Police the defunct smartphone line, now owned by TCL, will be releasing a device this year through Verizon.

Rumors of Palm’s reemergence have dated back to 2015 when TCL purchased the line. Those early hopes proved to be a mirage as nothing came of them. But in 2018, TCL is finally coming through with a Palm branded device for a major throwback. The Palm device will launch in the second half of the year and will run on Android.

Aside from the news of the Palm device incoming, not many details are known about the device such as its name, where it’ll have a classic slide-out QWERTY keyboard or its pricing.

It will be the first Palm device developed since the Pre 3 in 2011, which was canceled by HP (who at the time owned Palm) before its release.

TCL has stayed quiet about the situation so far.