Car smartphone mounts are extremely useful, but they only work in the car. Enter Unity System mounts, which use magnets to easily mount your phone in the car, at home, in the office, or anywhere else you'd like to use your phone hands-free.

And now you can grab two of these magnetic mounts, a case, and a screen protector with these Unity System Mount & Case Bundles, for just $21.99.

These sleek magnetic smartphone mounts offer full, 360-degree rotation for infinite viewing angles, with an adjustable design that expands to fit your device comfortably while holding it securely in place. They can be easily installed and removed in seconds, and work with any flat surface like dashboards, consoles, and monitors.

Grab two of these handy mounts, along with a smartphone case and screen protector for your iPhone or Samsung S8 for over 50% off–just $21.99.