Self proclaimed defender of the WebOS community, ReleaseMyPre put Palm on notice with a 79 hour deadline late last week demanding device details be made public for their next WebOS offering.  Now the vigilante is putting that demand on hiatus, urging fellow WebOS users to stage a Twitter protest in anger over the missing 1.4.5 software update for Pre Plus users tied to Verizon or AT&T.

If you're among the Pre Plus crowd who's upset that the latest version of WebOS remains unavailable, set your calendar for tomorrow, September 13th at 3pm Eastern to make vocal your demands.  Hop on Twitter and voice your frustration to @VZWSupport and @ATTCustomerCare and demand (or politely request) WebOS 1.4.5 be deployed sooner rather than later.   Don't forget to include the hashtag #releasemy145 so everyone, including Palm gets the message loud and clear.

Are you among the Pre Plus users still without 1.4.5?  Have you given up on the current generation of WebOS devices?  In either case, let us know in the comments.