Logan just hit theaters this weekend, and the hype couldn’t get more intense. It’s earning glowing reviews and tracking to have an impressive opening weekend. What more could a fan want? Maybe a black and white version of the movie? Director James Mangold wants to make that happen.

In an exchange with fans on Twitter, James Mangold replied to a few tweets asking for a black and white version of Logan.

It sounds like we may get a black and white version of Logan if it’s up to Mangold. Fox released a few black and white press images that hint a ridiculously cool looking version of the movie waiting to happen. The black and white element might also play really well with the reported violence and carnage Logan enacts upon his enemies in the movie.

For now, we’ll have to settle for the regular color version of Logan in theaters this Friday.

Mangold also confirmed a few other details

While responding to tweets, Mangold also confirmed that there will be no end credits scene in Logan. This last second scene has been popularized by other Marvel films, but it seems Mangold did not want to follow suit and axed the idea altogether.

A few weeks ago rumors started circulating that there would indeed be an end credits scene, but Mangold took to Twitter to clear the air—there will be no end credits scene, so don’t stay until the end.