It's taken a while, but the pseudo-sequel to indie favorite To The Moon is finally available to purchase. A Bird Story acts as a bridge between creator Kan Gao's first game and its true, unannounced sequel, and it can be picked up through Steam or the official website for just $5.

Those who purchase through Steam can save 15 percent as well, bringing the price down by a whole 75 cents!

A Bird Story is much shorter than To The Moon, clocking in at just an hour, but the game will still feature all of Gao's beloved emotional storytelling. A young boy finds a bird with a broken wing and sets off on a dreamlike adventure as he nurses his new friend back to health.

Yup, it's To The Moon alright, and this little boy will also appear in the upcoming game as a patient of To The Moon's protagonists Dr. Watts and Dr. Rosalene. I guess that means don't get too attached to him, huh?

Gao, the founder of his own indie studio Freebird Games, describes A Bird Story as "something of a little pixel animation that incorporates interactivity and game elements in the telling of its narrative. It is a standalone story, with its own beginning and ending."

If you enjoyed To The Moon, then I have no doubt you will like A Bird Story. Throw a few dollars Freebird Games' way and see why it is one of the most exciting indie studios on the market. Be sure to play To The Moon if you haven't either.