Last month, Apple said that nearly 90 percent of the Apple-branded chargers sold on Amazon are actually fake. As a result, we suggested that our readers make sure they purchase their chargers direct from Apple, since third-party chargers might be seriously dangerous. Now there's strong evidence that, if you have a fake charger, it is dangerous.

In fact, Trading Standards recently asked investigators from a company named UL to examine 400 fake Apple chargers to see just how safe they really are. Out of 400, a shocking three of them — only three! — were found to provide enough protection against electric shock, according to the BBC. The report warns that fake chargers can put the lives of users at risk.

It's true. In fact, it seems that most of the reports we cover that involve fire from mobile phones seem to be the result of a third-party charger or battery. It's imperative that you use approved chargers and batteries with electronic devices, especially as they become more powerful with advanced charging technologies, bigger batteries and more power demands. Otherwise, you're basically playing with a ticking fire bomb.

Stop buying third-party chargers

Third-party chargers may be appealing because of their price. They often cost much, much less than a marked-up Apple charger, after all. But there's no reason to buy them. You're putting your own life at risk. If Apple and other manufacturers are wise, maybe they'll think about dropping the prices of first-party chargers in order to help squash the demand for, and sales of, dangerous knock-offs.