Croatian automaker Rimac sent shockwaves through the EV circuit with the reveal of the Concept_One electric supercar last year, and now the $980,000 silent striker is ready to order. The Concept_One makes a loaded Tesla Model S (around $100K) look like pocket change, but it’s obvious that Rimac has a different audience in mind. This sub-$1 million silent beast is set to tango with the likes of the Bugatti Veyron and other comparable supercars.

An electric vehicle to compete with a Veyron? Balderdash, you say! Then consider the fact that the Rimac Concept_One makes 1088HP, hits 0-62 in a staggering 2.8 seconds and has a 190MPH top speed. The Concept_One has a revolutionary propulsion system that consists of four individual electric motors powering each wheel. The engines are fortified with AWTV (All Wheel Torque Vectoring) control, which dictates the amount of power sent to each wheel, based on the road conditions. We’ve seen torque vectoring on a multitude of cars, including the all-new Ford Escape and Ford Taurus.

As for its energy source, the Rimac Concept_One has a 305kWh battery that offers a range of 372 miles, which bests that of a fully upgraded Tesla Model S. Rimac went with a LifePO4 pack, which is a lithium-iron phosphate type. This enhanced technology enables the battery to achieve a higher power delivery and enhanced longevity.

Rimac-Concept_One-Press-1As for the Rimac Concept_One’s design, it’s a sight to behold. The company started with a blank sheet of paper, and ended up with a recessed carbon fiber stripe embedded in a sea of muscular lines. The wheels are milled from solid aluminum and fortified with carbon/ceramic performance brakes.

The interior of the Rimac Concept_One was designed by Goran Popovic and his team of former Pininfarina employees. The beautifully crafted touchscreen LCD is easily accessible by the driver while LCD gauges adorn the dashboard. Leather specialists from Vilner provided the high-class touch with carbon fiber accents and LED lights weaving throughout. The only enigma is the car’s lack of a rear window, but who needs one when you’re silently screaming down the highway at 190?

The Rimac Concept_One is currently available to order, and more details can be found on the company’s site.