We have too many things to keep track of: bills to pay, packages to track, meetings to attend. With so many things going on, staying on task isn’t easy. Google Assistant’s newest snapshot feature is here to help.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Google details how the feature will provide users with information based on the time of day, location, and interactions with Assistant. If you have a meeting in an hour, you’ll see a “Coming Up” section of that day’s calendar events; if it’s time to drive home, you’ll see a snapshot of your commute and how long it’ll take.

Additionally, Assistant’s proactive feature will display your recent online orders, flights, stocks, reminders, and more. It’ll also include suggestions based on your interests, like Spotify playlists, smart home actions, and games to play. And if you have an upcoming bill, it’ll send you a notification when it’s due.

Basically, the feature keeps track of all the little things in life so you don’t have to, while also providing you with information before you ask for it.

Android users can access the proactive experience by opening Assistant and tapping on the new icon in the top right corner; iOS users will see the screen as soon as Assistant is opened.

Google says it will continue to build on Assistant’s capabilities by adding more features in the future, such as notes from Google Keep, lists from Todoist, and a discovery section for nearby activities.

Google Assistant’s more proactive features are rolling out for Android and iOS beginning today.