Nielsen Smartphone data

Android and iOS are currently dominating the U.S. mobile landscape — that much we already knew — but new data from Nielsen suggests that 91% of U.S. consumers who made a smartphone purchase during the past three months chose iOS or Android. 48% of those buyers chose an Android-powered smartphone, 43% bought an iPhone and just 5% bought  a BlackBerry device. The remaining 4% of smartphone buyers chose another operating system, probably Windows Phone. Android still has the biggest grip on the U.S. smartphone market, too. 48% of smartphone owners surveyed own an Android device, 32% own an iPhone, 12% own a BlackBerry and 8% own a device powered by an alternative operating system.

Nielsen also found that nearly half of U.S. mobile subscribers are now carrying a smartphone. That's a 38% jump from February of last year.

[via Nielsen]