iPad - China Logo on the Back 2

In April 2011, a 17-year-old teenager went under the knife in China's Yunnan Province to have his kidney removed. Why? Because he wanted to buy an iPad and an iPhone. No, the poor guy didn't wake up in a tub of ice, but nine people who allegedly helped him get the procedure are now on trial in Southern China, CNN said Friday.

The nine on trial include a broke gambler, the surgeon, a hospital urology contractor, two nurses, the anesthesiologist, a surgical assistant and two others, CNN said. The gambler was reportedly "penniless and frustrated" over his debts and was "seeking financial gain via the illegal kidney trade," Chinese authorities said. The boy, whose surname is Wang, received 22,000 yuan for his kidney ($3,458) but CNN said the urology contractor received $9,400, the gambler received about $8,861 and the seven others reportedly banked a bit less.

The hearing has already wrapped up and the verdict will be revealed later, but CNN said that 99.9% of Chinese residents who stood trial two years ago were convicted, so we're guessing these folks are going to see some jail time.

[via CNN]