Spanish developer Tequila Works has announced that its ’80s-inspired platformer Deadlight will be making the jump to PCs via Steam on Oct. 25.

Deadlight, originally released as part of Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade, is a side-scrolling platformer built in the Unreal Engine set in a zombie-ravaged post-apocalyptic Seattle. As Randall, you’re tasked with finding your way to your wife and daughter in the safe haven, making your way through puzzles and shambling hordes called shadows.

The game hit Xbox Live to mixed reviews that picked especially on the middle segment of the plot and on the writing, but were taken with the unique visual style and Prince of Persia-esque momentum-based platforming. Tequila Works didn’t mention in their news update whether any changes are being made to the game for the port. As someone who played the original release to completion, I’d like to see a few tweaks here and there.

[via GamersHell]