If you haven’t been near a television lately, you might not have caught the commercials for Titanic’s re-release. That’s right — the James Cameron opus is hitting cinemas again, this time in 3D.

I’m still iffy about 3D technology in mobile devices and home electronics, but I love seeing what it brings to the big screen. And there have been some amazing films that would really make love to our eyeballs in this format. I spotted this wish list campaigning for 3D versions of beloved movies, and it inspired me to make my own. Here goes:

The Fifth Element — Mila Jovovich would appear to fall through the air right at you. For some moviegoers, that’s reason enough. But there’s a fair bit of hubbub (not to mention saturated colors) which could make for some pretty eye-popping eye candy.

Jaws — That animatronic puppet may look a little dated now, but having it snap out to attack audiences could bring back some delicious, skin-tingling fright.

Harry Potter (any of them) — So many reasons: Quiddich, shape-shifting bus rides and flying brooms, cars and spells — it would all be so good (so very, very good) in 3D.

Wall-E — The post-apocalyptic junkyard called Earth would feel immense in 3D, as would the endless parade of fat, lazy humans zooming by on conveyor belts.

The Matrix — If ever there was a movie suited for this format, it is The Matrix. The whole idea is that reality is fake, for crying out loud. In this case, 3D could be more than just a gimmick, but an extension of the storytelling. And the fight scenes, holy smokes, those would absolutely sing.

Serenity — I want to say that the airfight would be visually amazing in 3D, and it might be, but really — I just want to see the 3D version of former dancer Summer Glau kicking a cadre of Reever butt in this exquisitely choreographed fight scene. Talk about a spectacular, immersive bloodbath.

9 — It’s poignant, funny, and ever-so-slightly creepy. And I think our empathy for the little soul-carrying dolls could be heightened if we saw and viscerally felt the big mechanical monsters sniffing them out and grabbing at them.

Lord of the Rings trilogy — This is the big kahuna. Of course it is. The trilogy is already so rich with atmosphere and scope, and the battle scenes still stand out as some of the most amazing spectacles ever to grace the screen. But can the film be even more epic? Yep! Picture giant elephants stepping through the screen, threatening to stomp on you, or Gandalf swooping right past you on his eagle to save his friends. From the Orcs and the Nazgul down to even the fistfight between Gollum and Samwise, all that incredible cinematography would get a fuel injection, leaving you panting with amazement and utterly convinced you really were there at Gondor.

And 2 films that should never, ever be hit with the 3D shtick:

Sex and the City (either of them) — Frankly, even HD is too much in this case. Some flicks need MORE blur, fuzziness and filters, and this is one of them, since some of these ladies aren’t aging too well. No one wants to see wrinkles and Botoxed lips jutting out at them — it could elicit gasps.

Moulin Rouge — Whether you love or hate this film, there’s one aspect that’s hard to ignore: The cinematography’s already a little trippy. A 3D version would genuinely feel like you took too much Absynthe, no?

Do you have a wish list of your own? Tell us what you’d love to see in 3D.