Skylanders Happy Meal

McDonald’s and Activision are teaming up to deliver eight Happy Meal exclusive Skylanders Swap Force characters, because video games and fatty foods have done nothing but wonders to the health of our nation.

The eight characters will be Chompy, Eruptor, Free Ranger, Freeze Blade, Magna Charge, Prism Break, Rattle Shake and Wash Buckler, and you’ll have to suffer through eight Happy Meals to collect them all. Good luck!

Purchasing the Happy Meal will also include coupons for $10 off of the Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack, and $1 off individual characters. The offer will wrap itself up on April 4.

Before you Skylanders fans run to your nearest McDonalds to demand an entire set, be sure to remember that the characters you find in the Happy Meal will not, I repeat NOT, work with the actual game. These are just cheap plastic figurines to line-up alongside the rest of your collection of cheap plastic computerized figurines. If you are fine with that, don’t let me stop you from enjoying what might be the most painful meal of your life.

Oh man, nothing really changes does it? I remember the Super Mario Bros. 3 toys that came in Happy Meals back in the early 90s. Ugh, my poor family. Anybody else get these abominations?