The original TouchPad tablet may not have set the world on fire, but this has simply left some webOS fans holding out for signs of the next-gen TouchPad 4G, a rumored device that could’ve just hit the FCC. But has it?

The TouchPad 4G is supposed to be a 10-inch tablet, but the one that graced the Federal Communications Commission is a 7-inch device dubbed the “TouchPad Go.” (A forum commenter at webOSroundup deduced the size based on the size and position of the rear label.) This is what has some believing this is actually HP‘s rumored 7-inch “Opal” tablet, the same one that it filed a trademark for recently. In any case, it seems that it’s coming as 16GB and 32GB models (with and without HSPA+), heading for AT&T.

I’ve got no doubt that we’re on the verge of some kind of launch, considering how HP has recently been clearing out its stock of the original. So is anyone planning to grab this?

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