Asus announced its 7-inch MeMo Pad tablet on Jan. 13 when it gave us a quick overview of the device and when to expect it (in just a few months), but we haven't had a chance to play with one just yet. In the meantime, the company has released a video giving us a demonstration of what the device is capable of.

The 2 minute clip suggests the tablet fits perfectly in your palm and allows you to manage, edit and tag your photos all with your fingertips (what tablet doesn't?). It also brags about the tablet's speakers, the front-facing camera and a MyPainter application for creating art on-the-go. The video even touches briefly on the 5GB of free web storage and microSD card slot, as well as the textured spectrum covers that are available for the device, but really doesn't provide a compelling argument as to why it might be better than the Nexus 7 (although it's cheaper).

We're expecting the second generation Nexus 7 from Asus this spring, in May, so you may want to hold off to see what that offers before jumping on the MeMo Pad bandwagon.