Technology research firm Gartner reported on Tuesday that there will be 665 million tablets in use by 2016, and 45 percent of them are expected to be Apple devices. The projection is based off of declining PC sales. Gartner also expects that 118.9 million tablets will be sold this year.

Even though tablet market continues to gain steam with budget friendly options like the Kindle Fire, Gartner believes that Apple’s iPad will continue to dominate the tablet arena for the next four years. The driving force behind these bold predictions is the significant difference in both the Amazon and iOS ecosystems. While Amazon’s Appstore houses over 34,000 apps, Apple’s iTunes App Store currently offers several hundreds of thousands of apps to iOS users. If Gartner’s report holds true, this broad difference will see Android holding around 37 percent of media tablet sales by 2016. Gartner also predicts that the company’s tablet-friendly Windows 8 will account for around 12 percent of tablets sold, which is quite a bit of growth from its 4.1 percent market share in 2012.

As the demand for tablets in the workplace increases, Gartner expects that 35 percent of tablets will be sold for business use by 2015. But such growth could possibly be in vein, as consumers will continue to use their own tablet devices for work and not just leisure.

PC sales are still projected to outperform tablets for the next several years. This is largely related to tablet devices having a short turnover of around two years, which is similar to what you’d find with a smartphone. Gartner’s report predicts that a combination of both desktop and laptop PCs will produce sales of 536.3 million units in 2015, which suggests that tablets still have quite a ways to go before overtaking personal computers.

[via: Gartner]