Wow. Google released Android 4.1 Jelly Bean months ago but just 1.8% of Android devices run that version of the operating system. Meanwhile, Apple pushed iOS 6 out in the middle of last month and, according to new data from Chitika, it’s already installed on 60% of all iPhones. 29% of iPhone owners still run iOS 5.1, 5% run iOS 5.0 and 6% run a different version.

The firm also found that iPad iOS 6 adoption is around 45%. 4% of iPad users still run iOS 5.0, 39% run iOS 5.1 and an additional 12% of iPad owners are running a different version of the OS. iPod adoption is a bit slower; just 39% of iPod owners have already installed iOS 6, 31% are still running iOS 5.1, 3% run iOS 5.0 and 26% are running an older version. “The higher degree of fragmentation seen with iPod Touch devices can be largely be attributed to first and second generation iPod Touches not being able to update past iOS 4,” Chitika said. “While the same is true of older iPhones, cellular companies offer discounted upgrades as part of contracts, encouraging turnover within this market.”

Chitika gathered its data from its ad network between Sept. 18 and Oct 1.

[via Chitika]