For the first time ever, developer and publisher Bethesda is going to have a show at E3. Because it has never done this before, we have no idea what to expect from the presentation itself – who will talk, how they’ll talk about what they’re showing – but we have some guesses and hopes for what we’d like to hear them talk about. Some are on the tips of many gamers tongues, while others might be easier to forget about. Here’s what we want to see.

Fallout 4 gets a 2015 release date.

Fallout New Vegas

We’ve been waiting for a new Fallout game for more than 6 years. In that time, we’ve seen more than a few hoaxes come and go. We are ready for Fallout, and we’d love to see Bethesda post a release date with the year 2015 attached.

The long wait and lack of substantial information about the game make it very possible that the team at Bethesda Softworks is already far into development. Fall 2015 is sure to be packed with games, but there are few games we’d rather be playing more than a new Fallout title.

Fallout heads back to California.


The Fallout series’ roots reach back pretty far into PC gaming, and the original games took place in California. Fallout 3‘s Washington D.C. setting was a lot of fun, but it would be great to see the series head back to its roots out west.

Fallout 3 was a pretty flat game – there isn’t a whole lot of complex topology in that particular part of the country. If the series went back to California – maybe San Francisco, for example – we could get some of the varied terrain that helped make The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim so fun to navigate. It would be fun to see a first person take on some of the art we remember from those games, as well.

Dishonored returns with a sequel.

Dishonored II

Dishonored isn’t the first game that pops to mind when we think of Bethesda, but it’s one of its best releases as a publisher in recent years. Arkane’s first-person stealth game created a memorable world and gave us a ton of freedom to make what we wanted to of that world despite the game’s linear nature.

As with Bethesda’s core properties, it’s been a few years since we’ve seen Dishonored, and that game’s world is just begging for deeper exploration; Dunwall was just one city in a huge world. We’ve heard rumors of a new title on the way a few times, but nothing static beyond the image above – which we’re not even sure is legitimate.

A new Elder Scrolls game gets teased.


Sure, we don’t even have a Fallout sequel yet, but it’s already been 3 full years since the last Elder Scrolls game. It’s unlikely we’ll see one before 2017, but it’s surely not too soon to give us something to look forward to, is it?

If Bethesda wanted to stick to one region, the Summerset Isles is an easy next guess. In the arms race of expanding open-world games, though, an even better option might be to include the entire Aldmeri Dominion, which goes across the Summerset Isles, Valenwood and Elsweyr. That would be an area about 30 percent larger than Skyrim while providing a lot of varied places to explore. It would also give us access to the kingdoms of the Thalmor elves and the Khajiit cat people, not to mention some visual variety with deserts, jungles and deep forests.

Don’t forget about Doom.

We saw the above teaser for the next Doom game during E3 last year. Then at QuakeCon, Bethesda showed off the first gameplay footage, doing its best to make sure the footage didn’t make it out of that room. With a teaser and some gameplay out there somewhere, it’s a safe bet to say we’ll see a return to hell/space during the presentation. Beyond what’s in this teaser, little else is known about the game.

Bethesda revives another old franchise.


Whether the company is publishing or developing, Bethesda has shown a knack for reviving old properties and making them feel fresh again. Fallout 3 and Wolfenstein are prime examples of the company’s ability to find the core essence of a game series and retain that while doing something new with it.

What could it revive? It’s hard to know who owns the rights to what, but old series like Ultima and Might and Magic come to mind as examples of the sort of thing we’d love to see find new life (even if they’re not the ones that are actually available).

What are you looking forward to seeing? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments.