The Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay demo that was shown of at E3 this year during the PlayStation press conference was sort of a show stopper for a lot of fans. The game looks fantastic, and a lot of that beauty is shown off during the battle between our heroine and the giant robot T-Rex.

The T-Rex is actually named Thunderjaw, and it turns out that he’s a pretty complex beast. In a recent issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, Guerrilla Games actually detailed six stats the prove exactly how complex this dude is.

I’ve taken them from the folks at GamesRadar and put them into a digestible list for you to consume.

  1. Thunderjaw consists of 550,000 polygons
  2. Thunderjaw boasts 271 different animations
  3. The beast has 67 unique visual effects
  4. He has more than 60 hit reactions
  5. Thunderjaw has 12 unique weapons
  6. Finally, you can knock Thunderjaws massive Disc Launcher off, pick it up and use it against him.

During the battle with Thunderjaw, and we hope there are several, there are actually 63 panels on his robot body that cover weak points below.

This game looks nuts, doesn’t it?

Horizon Zero Dawn is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It’s set to launch in 2016.