When you snag a brand new phone for a birthday or major holiday, what's one of the first things you do? Do you line up your contacts? Set up your email? Grab a few must-have applications in the productivity category?

For 6.5 million soon-to-be mobile gamers out there, one of those priority downloads was Rovio's mega-hit Angry Birds. According to AllThingsD, the source with the story, that number is nearly the same as the estimated amount of smartphone activations for Christmas Day.

The total download figure comes from more than just the standard game; also included were Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons and in-game downloads.

Rovio's Ville Heijari spoke with AllThingsD specifically about their joy for the total downloads over the holidays and even teased a tiny bit about what's to come:

"We're really excited to have such a massive number of new people get acquainted with Angry Birds over the holidays — we have exciting new releases lined up for 2012, and can't wait to introduce them to the public…"

On Christmas Day in 2010, Angry Birds saw greater than two million downloads. The more than 4.5 million jump is quite obviously significant and says a lot about the game's branding in the mobile arena. It also says a lot about the number of smartphones being bought and activated.

If you got a mobile device for the holidays, was Angry Birds one of the first games you purchased?

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