Terra Battle Canadian Devil

That was a nice little run of a free-to-play game. I never thought I could get so hooked into one, but 58 consecutive days have been logged into my copy of Terra Battle. However, all things must come to an end, and I’ve decided to remove it from my phone. It was a bit too addictive, and I had reached a decent point of exit.

In that time, I amassed quite an army of both rare and common fighters, my favorites being my arctic lizardman U’nasag and half dragon lady Velraine, and I recruited my first SS Rank character just two days ago. All of my main rotation of fighters reached their third tier abilities in each of their job classes, and I came just a round shy of beating the entire game. I submit that I couldn’t beat the final boss after several half-hour battles drained me of my energy, both in real life and the in-game currency.

At 20 rounds of fighting, each attempt at the final boss came at the cost of quite a bit of my free time, and after several attempts, I decided that I was finished. No ill will towards the game and no accusations that those final few rounds are designed to drain you of your real world money to continue. I’ve just decided that I played enough, and I can walk away proud knowing that I never dropped a dime into it.

I was tempted at times, but I resisted the urge of the Canadian Devil.

Removing it from my daily routine means no more waking up to check my inbox for my daily reward, no more waiting until Saturday to go crazy grinding the Coin Creeps and stocking up on cash for job classes changes, no more squeezing in one more battle before my wife gets angry for playing too late into the night, and no more randomly checking in on the map for a slight chance of random battle with Metal Monsters to possibly gain a level or two for my powered-up fighters.

I’m satisfied. It’s a great game, and I stand by my original review of it. The only thing I got wrong was claiming that there would be an unavoidable pay-wall eventually, but no such obstacle ever presented itself. Terra Battle is totally fair if you want to make a go at playing it for free, and if it were release in 2015, it could probably even reach a short list for my Game of the Year choices during our award season.

I had mentioned to Gaming Editor Eric Frederiksen that if a free-to-play mobile game ended up being my most played game of the year, then I was just going to snap. Well, I really hope that something else steps up to the plate and does so quickly. The two months I sunk into this game outnumber the two consecutive playthroughs I dedicated to Suikoden II, my all time favorite game, back in January.

I don’t really see myself sinking two months into No Man’s Sky or Bloodborne anytime soon either, so who knows? Some snapping might be in my future come the end of December.

Hironobu Sakaguchi

Hironobu Sakaguchi. You win. (Does anybody notice the similarities between Sakaguchi’s and Canadian Devil’s mustaches and eyebrows? Coincidence?)