Rockstar Games has finally unveiled the first gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption II, which comes out on October 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For fans eagerly awaiting the prequel to Red Dead Redemption, the footage was a momentous occasion, a glimpse at a game millions of people will no doubt play over the coming months.

What’s clear from the first gameplay trailer—Rockstar said there will be more—is that Red Dead Redemption II will evolve many of the mechanics seen in the original, while introducing more systems designed to make the game deeper and more immersive. We’ve never seen a game quite so complex from Rockstar, making Red Dead Redemption 2 and incredibly important release.

There’s a lot to glean from the gameplay trailer. Here are five things we learned.

Keep your gang happy

Players will take control of a new character named Arthur Morgan, a senior member of the Dutch van der Linde gang. As a senior member, it’s Morgan’s job to help keep morale high.

When the game begins, the gang will constantly be forced to flee as civilization tames the wild west. Every time the gang is forced to move, they’ll set up camp in a new area, where members perform chores, play games, and more.

It’s Arthur’s job to keep the camp happy, which involves acquiring food and supplies through hunting and various jobs. And the more you get to know people in the gang, the more opportunities there will be for finding treasure, going on missions, and getting into mischief.

Greater player choice

In the first Red Dead Redemption, players were typically given one of two choices: fight or run. In Red Dead Redemption II, Rockstar is giving players more choices than ever. Now, when players approach NPCs, Arthur can react accordingly.

When you encounter a passing rider, for example, you can choose to greet, antagonize, or even intimidate. Rockstar also showed a situation where Arthur was facing off against a local sheriff after engaging in a scuffle with another NPC. In that situation, players can choose to defuse the situation to get out of trouble.

It’s all up to the player how they want to react to a situation.

Forming a bond

Getting around the wild frontier of Red Dead Redemption II2 will be crucial to Arthur’s success. That means finding and creating a bond with a horse.

In the first Red Dead Redemption, players could tame any horse they found in the wild, which is still true in the prequel. But players will now be challenged to keep their horse happy. Rockstar showed one scene of Arthur brushing his horse, so we know grooming will be one aspect of a much larger system.

If players don’t treat their horse well, it won’t listen or cooperate, making it a horrible companion when riding and pulling jobs. According to Rockstar, certain breeds will be better suited for certain tasks, so it will be up to players to find the right companion based on the situation.

In addition to keeping your horse happy, players can also use their saddle to store items, weapons, and carry animal carcases, the latter of which can be traded at outposts or brought back to camp for food.

Your reputation precedes you

Similar to Red Dead Redemption, players will have a reputation that precedes them. Being one of the senior members of the van der Linde gang doesn’t come without a certain level of stigma. Arthur will be seen as dangerous by law enforcement, while more criminally-inclined folks will respond kindly to Arthur.

Your actions will also have consequences. If you choose to save someone from falling to their death, for example, that person will be your friend and possibly aide Arthur in future missions. According to Rockstar, it’s up to players to decide how honorable Arthur is.

Shoot and fight your way through the west

Both shooting and combat have been completely revamped for Red Dead Redemption II, making the game more immersive and violent than ever. Each weapon has unique characteristics with realistic reload and recoil, keeping players grounded and connected in a gunfight, according to Rockstar.

The Dead Eye system is back, too, which Rockstar hinted will see improved mechanics compared to what we saw in the first Red Dead Redemption. More information on that will come in a future gameplay video.

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