iPad 2 gamingAs the iPad 2 prepares for release, there is an endless stream of people talking about how they plan to buy one, but is there any reason why you shouldn’t?  Well, we’ll give you five reasons why this may not be the best purchase for you.

iPad 2 Cameras

The cameras that Apple put into the iPad 2 barely qualify as digital cameras in this day and age.  The front facing camera, which will be primarily used for the FaceTime app, is just a VGA job, which means that the resolution is going to border on being a joke.  While you’ll be able to see the person you’re talking to, it certainly isn’t going to be in crystal clarity.

The rear camera, which Apple has not chosen to say a whole lot about, appears to be the same camera as in the iPod Touch 4th generation according to multiple sources.  If correct, this is a .7 megapixel system, and means that the “HD” quality of the video isn’t going to be as good as one would expect.  Considering the amount of space inside of an iPad, why Apple couldn’t go for a better lens is a mystery.  Although, imagine the price cut they are getting for the tens of millions of cameras ordered between the iPad 2 and its smaller cousin.

iPad 2 Screen

The screen is the same as last year.  While the 9.7-inch measurement not changing isn’t much of a surprise, the fact that Apple didn’t increase the 1024 x 768 resolution is a bit shocking.  With all of the talk of the retina display in the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4, the Apple obsession with better and better displays seemed to be staying on track, leading many to believe that the trend would continue into the biggest iOS device.  While the concept of a retina screen – a display claimed to show more pixels than the human eye can comprehend at certain distances – seems a tad odd on something of this size, it did seem logical to up the resolution.

An upgrade to the screen seems almost certain for the iPad 3 at this point, meaning that the iPad 2 already feels a tad outdated.

The iPad 2 Does Not Have 4G

Some people are pointing to it having no Flash support, but come on.  Apple CEO Steve Jobs has made it abundantly clear that he hates Flash, and it’s just a complete non-starter to complain about its lack of inclusion in iOS devices.  If you want to talk about something that is missing that should be there, that would be 4G connectivity.

Multiple other tablets are upping their game to 4G speeds, so why isn’t Apple, the supposed “thought leader” in the tablet market, not doing the same?  Verizon has this amazing 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network out there now that delivers incredible speeds, and AT&T also has its own network, so why are the cellular versions of the iPad still running at 3G speeds?  Is it a battery life issue like Verizon is having with the phones?  Were the antennas not going to fit in the device?

It just feels like 4G should have been included this year, but nary a word has been spoken about it.

The iPad 2 is “Evolutionary”, Not “Revolutionary”

ipad-2-printingFor those 15 million or so of you who bought an original iPad, there just isn’t enough changes to really make it worth you plunking down the money again.  Unless you really have a desire to switch your mobile access to Verizon as opposed to AT&T, there aren’t a whole lot of reasons for you to upgrade.  The cameras are a nice bonus, but not groundbreaking.  The processor is faster, but the original iPad isn’t all that bad.  A lot of the new features are thanks to iOS 4.3, which is already out for the original.  You just won’t be getting that much more bang for your buck.

iPad 2 Competition

This plays off of the evolutionary comment above.  This year the iPad did see a lot of competition emerge, most with slight leaps over the technology included in the original Apple tablet.  While the iPad 2 has taken back some of the technological lead, it didn’t take enough.  It won’t be difficult for a lot of other companies to leap-frog over Apple this year, and depending on what Steve Jobs has planned for the next iteration, it could quickly lose it’s lead all together.

The summer is going ot be filled with new tablets, and Android’s Honeycomb operating system, the first version of Android designed specifically for tablets, is only getting started with what it can do.  Apple may have made a rare fumble this time around by simply not going far enough with the second generation iPad, and if those people who want a tablet, but desire it to do more, can hold off until summer, you may reap the rewards in a more feature rich device.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPad 2

There is no question that no matter how many bad things you say about the iPad 2, people are still going to buy this device in huge numbers.  Those who waited out the original iPad, those who wish to upgrade and those who are finally attracted to the idea of a tablet computer.  While the iPad 2 may not be the perfect choice for you, it will be for others, and that’s just the nature of the gadget world.

At the end of the day, if you have an original iPad, the iPad 2 just isn’t necessary.  If you are in the market for a tablet, and you’re willing to pay more, there are better options.

As for me, I have an original iPad … and I’m getting an iPad 2.  Yes … I’m weak.

What do you think are some of the reasons people should skip buying an iPad 2?