With the iPad 2 having been released today, people are still trying to decide if this is the right purchase for them.  We understand how nerve wracking it can be to make a financial decision of this size, so to help you out we ran 5 reasons you shouldn’t buy the iPad 2 yesterday, and today we’re following that up with 5 reasons why you should buy an iPad 2.  Think of us as the little angel and devil sitting on your shoulders.

The App Store

iOS App Store LogoNo matter how much you may dislike Apple, there is no question that the company has the developer support that other platforms can only dream of at this time.  Currently there are over 65,000 apps designed specifically for the iPad platform, and if you add in the iPhone/iPod Touch apps that can be resized to run on the Apple tablet, the number shoots into the hundreds of thousands.

While some have complained about how the iPad is nothing but a media consumption tool, I’ve always found it’s more what you make of it via apps.  I can write blog posts, edit documents, check in with site analytics, log in to my PC remotely and take on a host of other tasks all thanks to the numerous apps.  The iPad changes tasks as I need it to.

Thinner & Lighter

While not that big of a selling point to everyone, iPad 2’s reduced size and weight is a benefit. If you’re someone who uses their iPad extensively such as I do, quite often while walking with it you do begin to notice the weight of it.  It can also be a bit noticeable if you are laying in bed and trying to keep it propped up to watch a video or read.  This is certainly not a mandatory reason for most people to update, but heavy users will definitely appreciate it.


Faster Processing & Graphics

The original iPad was no slouch when it came to speed, but you could definitely detect a bit of sluggishness every now and again.  The new A5 processor is upping the game to a dual-core architecture and increasing the speed to 1 GHz.  From the initial videos, this new chip is way faster, smoother and should provide an overall better experience.  It won’t make or break you, but more speed and power is always nice.

Front & Rear Cameras

While I mentioned yesterday that these are lackluster cameras, they are still cameras nonetheless.  The idea of being able to FaceTime on an iPad is what I’ve been hoping for from day one, and when you add in the HDMI adapter mirroring your screen to a TV, you can easily imagine everyone getting to see grandma on the TV on her birthday as you pass the iPad around for people to talk to her.  Sure these cameras may not take the best pictures ever, but they still open the iPad up to a whole host of new uses.

You Don’t Have An Original iPad

If you’re even remotely thinking about adding a tablet to your life, the iPad really is the way to go right now.  Honeycomb is nowhere near mature enough yet, the majority of other tablets are running versions of Android that were never meant to be placed on a tablet form factor and what Windows-based tablets that are out there just aren’t that exciting.  And, again, I point you to the developer support the iPad is seeing.  If you want into the world of tablets, at least for now, the iPad 2 is honestly the only logical choice.

Why You Should Buy An iPad 2

Every person’s reasoning is different when they choose to buy a gadget, and all we can do is point out some of the benefits you’ll find in a given purchase.  What you shouldn’t do is buy an iPad 2 because everyone else is, or because it’s the newest and shiniest thing out there. You should only buy it if it serves a purpose in your life.  Do you have a pressing need for a device of this size and shape?  Do you need to be more mobile in your light computing?  These are all things to consider, but in the end it’s up to you and your wants/desires/needs.

All I know is, my order was placed one minute after they went on sale.

What do you think?  What are some of your reasons for buying an iPad 2?