Google announced its Pixel smartphones on Tuesday, so we thought we'd take a look at how they stack up against Apple's latest offering. Since the iPhone 7 Plus represents the best from Apple, and the Pixel XL represents the best from Google, we thought the two would compare nicely.

In many ways, Google took a page out of Apple's book and, instead of releasing two drastically different devices, it chose instead to pick one or two features to differentiate the same exact phone, including the screen size.

Apple's iPhone 7 Plus is a fantastic phone, don't get us wrong, but there are more than a couple of areas where Google's Pixel XL trumps it. Sure, these won't matter for everyone, but we think they'll sway some people to plop down cash for a Pixel XL instead of an iPhone 7 Plus.

Without further ado, here are five reasons to buy the Pixel XL instead of an iPhone 7 Plus.

Quad HD Display

The Pixel and Pixel XL come with a 1080p and a Quad HD AMOLED,  display respectively. And from early analysis they look amazing. Given the focus on Daydream, a Quad HD display is a key feature for VR capabilities and keeping the picture as sharp and crisp as possible.

Apple, on the other hand, has chosen to keep the same 720p and 1080p display on the 7 and 7 Plus. While the LCD performance has increased drastically – they're now rated among the best ever on an iPhone – 1080p is still a far cry from Quad HD.

Headphone jack

Maybe you were among the millions of people who simply shrugged off the lack of a headphone jack on the latest iPhones. Maybe you weren't. If you care about having analog audio on your phone, you might want to consider the Pixel and Pixel XL instead of the iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus. You'll be able to use all of your headphones, no adapter needed, and Bluetooth is always an option should you choose to cut the wire. The decision is yours.

Unlimited photo and video storage

Until today, Google allowed Google Photos users to upload and unlimited amount of photos and videos at a degraded quality. Now, owners of the Pixel and Pixel XL can upload as many photos and videos as they want in full resolution.

That puts the ball in Apple's court. Apple still charges for storage beyond 5GB, which gets taken up pretty quickly in the age of 4K video and 12MP Live photos. Google certainly has a compelling offer on the table.

Top-rated camera

Google claims the Pixel is the highest rated camera from DxOMark, beating out the iPhone 7 and S7 Edge, putting it at the top of the pack (if you care about number scores.) When we get the phone in our hands, however, we'll dig deeper and see how it really compares to the Note 7 and iPhone 7 Plus camera. If the claims turn out even slightly true, this is a big addition to Google phones. One of the Nexus line's biggest weakness was always the camera, which never quite kept up with the iPhone or Samsung's devices.

The 12.3MP camera comes with a f2/0 aperture and large 1.55 micron pixels that allow for more light to hit the sensor. That should mean awesome low-light performance and fantastic HDR photos. Google also touts zero shutter lag, though that hasn't been a major issue in a while.

24/7 Customer support

The Pixel and Pixel XL will come with 24/7 customer support. The convenience of taking an iPhone to the Apple Store whenever there is an issue has long been a differentiating factor between the iPhone and Android devices. With the Pixel line, Google's customer support will be integrated straight to the device itself. It reminds us of Amazon Mayday, which offers something similar; we'll know more about just how well it works once we have our review units.