Recently EA teased the impending announcement of another of the Heroes & Villains that will be playable in Star Wars Battlefront.

So far, we know Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett will be in the mix, but there’s room for more – lots more. We’ve been thinking about who we might like to see jump into the fray, and here’s the list we came up with.

Emperor Palpatine


Two words: Force Lightning. Emperor Palpatine is the embodiment of true evil in Star Wars, and there’s not many cases where it would make sense to have him as a playable character. He never has been to my knowledge, but to have him show up and be terrifyingly lethal would be refreshing. Darth Vader is cool, sure, but we’ve played him plenty of times before.

I can imagine Palpatine moving slowly, but able to chain lightning across huge groups of enemies, incapacitating and then eliminating many at once. It’d be a fun power trip. The relatively short playtime of these special characters would be a perfect fit for a character that wouldn’t work in any kind of action game or platformer.

Lando or Han Solo


Lando Calrissian and Han Solo are two peas in a pod, so I don’t know that it’d make sense to have them both in the game, but one or the other is definitely needed. Smugglers and scoundrels need representation, too!

We all know Han shot first, and that’s the key here. This kind of character would be all about stealth. Maybe they can move around undetected until they attack, firing from behind for an instant kill before disappearing again. With Jedi and Sith, not to mention a bounty hunter with Mandalorian battle armor roaming the battlefield, they might need to be a bit overpowered to match up to the significance that luck and chance bestow upon them in the movies.

If I had to pick one, though? Lando. The collared cape pushes him over the edge.

HK-47 (or IG-88)


EA owns BioWare, BioWare created one of the best Star Wars characters of all time, HK-47. The assassin droid from Knights of the Old Republic would be an awesome addition. But then, Battlefront is only pulling from the original trilogy, so I guess we’re stuck with the next best thing, IG-88. Not a whole lot is known about the assassin droid other than that he was good enough to stand alongside Boba Fett when receiving orders to hunt down Han Solo.

IG-88 would give DICE a different-looking character to play with, and being a droid could give him some unique gadgets and abilities to use on rebel soldiers.



In the prequels, we saw him get into an acrobatic lightsaber battle with Count Dooku, but let’s forget about that. In both the prequels and the original trilogy, Yoda moved some massive stuff around with the Force. He’s tiny and green, but his power with the Force is unparalleled. I could see Yoda dropping in and pulling an AT-ST to its demise, yanking a TIE Fighter out of the air or, with a bit of effort, even bringing an AT-AT to its knees.

Wedge Antilles


Wedge’s credentials speak for themselves. He survived two Death Star runs and the Battle of Hoth. He even had his own series of Star Wars novels.

Piloting an X-Wing fighter is already part of the game, but piloting as Wedge – with some voice acting included – could give the player a faster, more dangerous ship that the enemy would want to get away from rather than attack. Wedge is a fan favorite thanks to his consistent appearances throughout the original trilogy and the way he always ends up playing a crucial role in the biggest battles of the war. Also, probably because his name is fun to say.

Honorable Mentions:

There are a few others we thought were worth bringing up. Starkiller, the dual-wielding Sith apprentice in the Activision-published Force Unleashed series. This one ain’t happening. Princess Leia Organa played a crucial role in the success of the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire, but it’s harder to imagine what she might do on the battlefield. And finally, if you do poorly enough, maybe you get to play as Willrow Hood, the guy with the ice cream maker in his arms in The Empire Strikes Back. He just runs away from stuff.

Who do you want to see pop up in Star Wars Battlefront when it releases this fall?

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