Gamers know that gaming isn’t just a hobby. It’s not just the thing we do when we’re looking to pass time. We don’t just get bored and wander up to the TV and decide to fire up a game. No. We plan this stuff. We think about it at work, at school, in the car, in the shower and on the crapper… that’s why portable gaming is awesome.

But we also like to follow gaming culture. We buy the t-shirts, the posters, the coffee mugs and the cookie cutters. We love this stuff.

So now we journey into the depths of Etsy to find some more handmade video game paraphanalia that you absolutely must own. We now present to you, without any reason whatsoever, five pieces of video game goodness from the dozens and dozens of pages worth in

The Super Mario Bros. Scarf

This handmade beauty is selling for $50 plus shipping. Think of the fine time that seller WearMyStitches poured into making this winter guardian wonderful. You could sport it on a blustery day, sure, but why not wear it to a soccer match and give those hooligans a proper reason to whoop your nerd behind?

Or just wear it when it’s cold, yeah, that’s probably best.

Plants vs. Zombies – Crazy Dave Painting

Consider this one a first class ticket to classing up any living space you plan to occupy. Good in the bedroom, good in the bathroom, good in the kitchen, great near the trunk of your hatchback. Crazy Dave is a testament to all that is whacky in the PvZ world. Enjoy him.

He’s crazy. And he’s going for $15 plus shipping from seller goblinhut.

Gameboy Business Card Wallet

Going to a job fair? Nothing says “My god, hire this candidate!”  quite like a business card wallet shaped and crafted to look like an original Gameboy. For $13 plus shipping, seller Coolbeans717 has all but guaranteed you a job… or the honorary “butt of the office joke” title.

Super Mario Bros. 3 – World 2 Painting

This one is instantly recognizable. You’ll be able to show off your love for one of the greatest NES games ever made, and Nintendo fans will chuckle at the bonus area unlocked to the far right of the castle. You’ll get the joke, they’ll get the joke, you’ll laugh, they’ll laugh, etc.

All this for $30 plus shipping from seller ceefurn.

Angry Birds Plush

You’re welcome, Mr. Rettinger.

This Angry Birds plush will excite and titillate. We’re not sure how. It’s a plush done up in crochet. It’s gorgeous and hilarious. For 13.50 plus shipping, thanks to seller AMWestchester, and a tank of gas, you can drive to the nearest farm and give your local egg-stealing pigs what’s for…see!