We’ve all gotten used to having the ability to make cheap, or even free, phone calls from our computers and standard phones thanks to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, but wouldn’t it be nice to have those same abilities when you’re mobile, or even when you don’t feel like sitting in front of your computer? Thanks to numerous application developers for the iPhone and iPod Touch community, you can do just that, and now you can make those same calls from numerous different locations.

We’ve gathered up five of the best VoIP apps that will let you make totally free calls in some manner.  Some do require payment for international calls, or calls to physical phones, so make sure you read the details of each carefully!

All links will open the app page in iTunes.

Fring: The app for Fring is a little bit of everything.  You can instant message over AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo Messenger, as well as checking out your Twitter account.  In addition to being an all-in-one instant messengers, fring allows you to do one-way video conferencing (i.e. you can see them) and make free VoIP calls.

icalliCall Free VoIP: Working exclusively over Wi-Fi, iCall Free VoIP allows you to not only make calls, but also receive them.  It works with the iPod Touch (generations 2 & 3)  as well as the iPhone.  Features include receiving calls even when the application isn’t running, switching regular calls over to VoIP, no roaming charges and so on.

Nimbuzz: Nimbuzz is another all-in-one instant messaging solution with support for AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, MySpace Skype, Yahoo Messenger and more.  And, of course, it wouldn’t be on this list of free call solutions if it didn’t also offer VoIP calling.

Skype: While the Skype app ins’t able to make calls over cellular networks via the iPhone, it can still allow you to log in and send instant messages to all of your Skype contacts over that method.  Calls are restricted to Wi-Fi, but you can still do your free Skype-to-Skype calls, use your Skype Out plan and so on via this handy little app.  And in this day and age, who isn’t on Skype already?  You could be making free calls all day long.

Truphone: Truphone allows for calling ability with users of Google Talk, Skype and Truphone.  It also offers instant messaging for Google Talk, MSN, Skype and Yahoo Messenger as well as full access to your Twitter account.  There is a separate app for iPod Touch users.

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