There are many reasons to give gifts during the holidays, and not all of them involve advanced electronics, pricey products or sentimental value. Sure, you want to spring for the good stuff for those closest to you, but what about other friends, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances? If you need some stocking stuffers or other fun knickknacks for “kinda-sorta” good pals who might appreciate a little techie flair, try one of these five giftables. They’re clever, cute and won’t break the bank.

Like/Dislike Stamps, $13

Got any social media fiends in your orbit? Why not let them “Like” things in real life with this set of self-inking stamps? They’ll get a kick out of it, and you’ll get a rep for being clever and trendy.

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Phonekerchief, $15

Admit it — you’re guilty of taking calls or texts while out with others, right? (These days, who isn’t?) The real gift here is not the handkerchief, but the sentiment: This silver and nylon fabric is basically a signal dampener, so giving this to someone means you’re also willing to give your undivided attention.

Mini Robot Vacuum, $26

Pencil shavings? Eraser bits? Crumbs?? No problem. Why not give the office neat freak something he or she will really adore? It’s cute, clever and comes in three colors (red, blue, white), to match any cubicle décor.

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USB LED Beverage Cooler, $20

Sometimes a WoW, Minecraft or Portal 2 habit can make it tough to stay properly hydrated. Show your concern for a gamer geek or other computer addict with this USB beverage cooler. Nothing says “I care” like a handy mini fridge. (In the words of Jon Rettinger, “Ah, refreshing!”)

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USB Tulip Hub, $24

I know a lot of women who don’t like being surrounded by tech aesthetics — even on their desks. So put your black and silver tech gifts away, and go for this USB hub. Not only is it practical, but it’s adorable as well.

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Bonus: If fun, spunky gifts aren’t quite the thing this year, what about an elegant (yet still inexpensive) offering? This Leather Mouse Pad in Gold is to die for. And at $25, it gives the impression of luxury without a wallet-spanking downside.

Know any other fun, inexpensive “geek” gifts or stocking stuffers? Share the knowledge in the comments below!

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