We saw tons of stuff during this year's CES, everything ranging from drones to laptops, smartphones, new gaming gear, wearables and more. A few products already won our "Best of CES 2015" awards, but there were some other really amazing things worth highlighting, too.

That's why we're bringing you this list, a compilation of five truly awesome things we saw during the show that you definitely need to know about.

1. 360Fly

This is the action cam you should care about. We checked out the 360Fly and were totally blown away by the results. You can record 360-degree video using the single-lens system, and the device itself feels and looks like a slightly smaller cue ball with a camera on top.

The content can then be viewed through the Web and on your Android or iOS device — where you can pan around the full 360-degree video. Or, better yet, load it into your virtual reality headset and relive the experience.

The 360Fly is an amazing product, and we can't wait to check it out when it launches this spring for $499.

2. Mophie's Secret Lair

Mophie has a booth here on the show floor, but it's unlike any booth we've ever seen before. It doesn't appear to be much from the outside: just a black box with some Mophie products in glass around it.

A passerby might just think it's a meeting space, but we knew better because we were on the hunt for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Juice Packs. When we entered, we were surprised to see [[REDACTED–TOP SECRET–REDACTED]]. Suffice to say, it's the best booth on the show floor by far.

3. Oculus Crescent Bay

Oculus announced its new and improved Crescent Bay virtual reality headset back in September, but we finally had a chance to see it first-hand here during the CES 2015 show. Yes, it's still a prototype, but Oculus has come a long way since we checked out the last Crystal Cove model during CES 2014.

Inside, we found a higher-resolution screen, which means graphics are even better, and there's 360-degree tracking so you can completely turn around and experience the full effect of 360-degree content thanks to improved LEDs on the rear of the unit. On Crystal Cove, those LEDs were only on the front space. This also means no degradation of quality while you spin around, which is insane. To improve the whole experience, Oculus also added a 3D audio component for full surround sound.

We still don't know when we'll actually be able to buy the consumer version, but you can bet it's going to be awesome.

4. Mercedes-Benz F015 Autonomous Concept

The Mercedes-Benz F015 concept was on the show floor the first day we were at the show, so we had a chance to check it out first hand, and it's stunning as heck. It basically encompasses the Mercedes vision for a self driving car by 2030, and the firm created a car with swiveling seats, so the drivers can turn around and face the passengers while the car is driving on its own.

For safety, it's outfitted with plenty of pedestrian and auto avoidance systems. It's also outfitted with six LCD screens for entertainment and navigation, and to generally help the car feel like a portable living space on a par with any first class cabin. We can't wait to see something like this hit the road in the future.

5. ZBoard 2 Pearl

ZBoard was back at the show with its latest self-powered skateboards. Our favorite was the 18-pound ZBoard 2 Pearl, but we also dug the lighter 16-pound ZBoard 2 Blue.

The ZBoard 2 Pearl has a range of 24 miles, which means you can get some extra distance out of it, like for a short commute or a quick cruise to the beach and back, and you'll get there quick thanks to a top speed of 20mph. Controls were easy enough, too, a slight lean had us moving in the right direction and feeling balanced without issue. We can't wait to buy one.