Samsung UN85JU7100 85-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

4K TVs are going to be everywhere at CES this year. They were last year, too, and I think maybe even the year before that. But I think they’re going to be everywhere for a totally different reason this time. Companies no longer need to tell us how crisp and colorful the screens are, we already know they’re awesome. There’s another reason 4K TVs will be everywhere.

I think, during the show, we’re finally going to learn a lot more about the actual content that we’re going to be able to watch on 4K TVs, which has been lacking ever since the technology was introduced. Netflix and Amazon are finally starting to push content, and we love that Roku and NVIDIA offer streaming boxes that help serve it up, but what about everyone else?

That leaves plenty of room for TV makers to show their 4K TVs with built-in smart streaming services that serve up 4K content from other services. It’s high time, for example, that we see Sling TV deliver 4K content. And I think we’ll also hear from other companies, like AT&T’s DirecTV, about live-streaming 4K content that will be served up over the air. Maybe we’ll finally learn about plans for 4K sports.

And that’s why 4K TVs will be a big deal this year. Not because we need to learn about the newest model, but because they’re finally going to be worth purchasing as new devices deliver content to those sharp screens. Sure, we’ll see 8K TVs and probably other options, too, but 4K TVs are finally going to deliver on promises that, two years ago, seemed like a far-off pipe dream.