It’s tough to talk about a new tablet, smartphone or TV these days without also discussing the sharper 2K and 4K displays that are trickling out to the market. So far we haven’t seen a tablet with a 4K screen, but Samsung may be working to change that very soon. The company already has a 12-inch tablet outfitted with a 4K display, and it was even showing it off recently.

The demonstrations that took place during the French Open weren’t made to flaunt the Samsung tablet itself, but rather the power of an LTE broadcast, TechRadar said. The prototype was built specifically for this demonstration, but it shows that Samsung is easily capable of building a 4K tablet and certainly hints that we’ll see one on the market sometime in the near future.

The company told TechRadar, which had a chance to check it out first-hand, that the device is powered by a Snapdragon 801 processor but that a final consumer-ready version will hopefully have a newer Snapdragon 805 chip. Samsung is holding a press conference where we expect new tablets next week, though those will likely offer its Super AMOLED screens instead of super sharp 4K displays.