Over the weekend, we recorded and posted a video highlighting a somewhat troubling issue for the brand new Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft. The map size of each world is limited to a single in-game map. For the PC version of this game, however, the world is essentially infinite in size.

By way of Twitter, 4J Studios was asked about the size limitation in this new port.

Here's the question Twitter user @JackH6 posed to 4J Studios, verbatim:

Will the invisible walls on the Xbox version be removed in later updates?

Here is the studio's response, verbatim once more:

There will always be limits, but we'll be looking at what we can do to improve everything in the game as we work on the updates

Whether or not it's due to the system's limited memory, 4J Studios has made it clear that the Xbox 360 flavor of Minecraft will always carry certain limitations. However, it is also now clear that the size of maps within the game is something the porting studio hopes to address.

If Mojang and 4J Studios can push Microsoft to allow them to update their game as often as they like, we might see fixes for things like map size. The Xbox 360 version of this game will likely always be behind the PC iteration, but it seems as if 4J is working hard to narrow that gap.

Will you be picking up Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition now that it's released?

[via Twitter]