Will you upgrade to the iPhone 5While we all wait (im)patiently for the debut of the iPhone 5, one has to wonder how much of the further is just people wanting to know about it and how many are actually people waiting to buy the darn thing.  According to a recent survey conducted by question-and-answer company Opinionaided, a good chunk of you actually want to buy it.

In a survey of 1,011 iPhone owners conducted between Sept. 7 and 13, 49 percent said they were expecting to upgrade to the iPhone 5.  As for the methodology used, users were asked two to three times per day if they were planning to do the upgrade, and the demographics broke down to 60 percent make to 40 percent female with an average age of 24.

What does this mean to the global picture of users?  Well, seeing as Apple says there are currently 108 million iPhone owners out there in the world, if you extrapolate this number to the entire user base, you can see it adding up pretty quickly.  This, of course, won’t happen as it depends a lot on the final specs, how many people are eligible for an upgrade at the time and so on.  It is, however, probably pretty safe to say Apple is in line to sell a heck of a lot of the new iPhone once it finally does come to the market.

What about you?  Are you one of those 49 percent?