PlayStation Vita -- System Software Update version 3.00

Sony is reporting to IGN some impressive statistics on the digital side of their sales. The PS Vita is still clinging to life and seems to have found a second chance on the digital front. The handheld's game sales through the PlayStation Store have climbed up to 48 percent, and the booming PlayStation Network service news doesn't stop there.

At least one third of those who purchased a PS Vita also have acquired a PlayStation 4 at this point, and half of everyone who has purchased a PlayStation 4 also now subscribes to PlayStation Plus.

With these statistics, Sony is looking to further push the case for integrating the PS Vita into its console big brother's ecosystem. Over 250,000 people have attempted to use the Remote Play function with titles like Assassin's Creed IV, NBA 2K14, and Don't Starve leading that charge.

The PS Vita Slim will see an affordable $199.99 later this year to boot, so could a turnaround on Sony's handheld be just around the corner? I've all but tossed aside physical releases for my Nintendo 3DS, something I never thought I'd do with a Nintendo product. Maybe I should play along with Sony's latest trend too.