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Korea has been leading the charge in making screens for smartphones bigger and bigger with the fan-labeled phablets. It’s a trend which has caught on throughout the country, thanks to the tireless efforts of Samsung and the Galaxy Note among many others, but the trend has yet to capture the rest of the world.

Mobile app analyst firm Flurry have some interesting data on the user percentages with 41 percent of all handheld connected devices in South Korea being phablets, smartphones with a screen ranging from 5-inches to 7-inches. The gap between these models and medium-sized phones, some would say normal phones, is a mere 13 percent.

The rest of the world has not exactly caught on though it seems with only 7 percent. of all connected devices falling within the range, making the difference an astounding 62 percent.

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What’s also just as interesting is how few normal sized tablets have sold in Korea, with both small and full-sized barely registering a blip on the market share. Nobody in Korea uses a phone with a screen smaller than 3.5 inches, apparently.

Other interesting statistics have emerged from the report, such as the continued dominance of Samsung taking 60 percent of the market share in the country, as opposed to Apple’s 14 percent share, and roughly half of all time spent on Android and iOS is dedicated to playing games.