North American Star Ocean fans are waiting with bated breath to see if Square Enix is going to grant them the same little goody that it just gave its Japanese fans. From today, the classic JRPG Star Ocean: The Second Story is now available as an advanced port for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita for just ¥2,268 ($18).

Based on the improved Second Evolution PSP port, this new version sports a new opening theme, improved graphics (especially in the overworld), and higher quality music. It also has microtransactions for special items, level-ups, and the usual rewards you should be earning in a classic adventure like this, not buying.

Most importantly though, the biggest improvement that this version makes is that it allows Star Ocean 2 to be totally digital for the first time. Square Enix never released the original version through the PSOne Classics line-up, and the PSP version remains stuck in UMD format, meaning that fans can’t play it on their shiny PS Vitas. If this were to cross the ocean, then North American fans would have easy, convenient access to one of the best JRPGs of all time.

Just saying, it would be nice, especially since my PS Vita is the absolute greatest way to enjoy my classic PlayStation JRPG favorites these days.

If you need a memory boost as to why this should be happening, check out the first 40 minutes of the game above. Those who remember Star Ocean 2 will recall that this is how long it takes to get out of the first town, so it won’t be extremely spoiler heavy or overly exciting. Just nice music, solid sprite based graphics, and characters who are overly polite.

Let the nostalgia flow my friends, then send Twitter to Square Enix asking nicely for a localization.