Rumor has it a 4" screen has started shipping to be used in a new iOS device, possibly the iPhone 5. According to Makotakara Hitachi and Sony are already producing LCD screens for the iPad 3, as well as 4" displays for a "new iOS device."

A 4-inch screen was rumored to be included in the iPhone 5, and was one of the largest complains about the iPhone 4S. Most mobile devices are now released with screens ranging from 4.2" to 4.7", making the iPhone's current 3.5" display seem small in comparison.

While the 4" screens may be for a new iPhone, they could also be for a new version of the iPod touch, or a new device entirely.

What do you think? Will be see a 4″ iOS device? What will it be?

[via PocketNow]