Caught somewhere between Nintendo‘s reluctance to embrace contemporary online gaming practices and their strong regard for player privacy and safety, is the silly Nintendo Friend Code principle. The concept that friends must be found and “friended” by pounding in digits somehow less personal than social security numbers keeps Nintendo’s online presence downright awkward. And the Friend Code policy continues on the new Nintendo 3DS.

Modojo has created a Friend Code Finder for Facebook specifically to alleviate the grief that comes from trying to figure out who is who on Nintendo’s latest network. You’ll hop onto the app, enter your code, let the program do its magic and then share your info with your friends through Facebook. So, for those of us with multiple 3DS owners on our Facebook friends list, the dirty work is done. You’ll be able to find Friend Codes through your feed.

It still doesn’t remove the wonky nature of using numbers instead of usernames. That, to me, is a feature within the Friend Code policy that makes no sense. Guessing at the nature of the decision to skip usernames and go with numbers, I’d assume that Nintendo intended to remove the possibility of offensive names over portables. How many times have we all hopped onto our online multiplayer platform of choice only to find we’re playing against Captain Expletive and his heinous cohorts?

As it stands, Modojo has built a useful tool for finding friends without requesting numbers. Friend Codes are still entirely annoying, but the asking step has been skipped. Instead, you can stalk your Facebook friends for their awkward hook-up numbers.


[via Joystiq]