3DRobotics' Iris+ made a big splash last year as a powerful drone capable of autonomous flight. Cool, right? All while promising a lengthy flight time, flexible payload capacity and integrated LEDs for "trouble-free directional awareness." If you're serious filmmaker who is curious about the aerial possibilities of a drone, the Iris+ offers enough power and features to give your movies a great new perspective.

Equipped with a two-axis gimbal, the Iris+ is a filmmaker's dream drone. You can program it to fly manually with the included controller, or use the device's 3PV Follow Me mode, which turns the Iris+ into your own personal camera crew. Just plan your flight route and the drone will do as you wish. "If you can draw it, you can fly it," 3D Robotics says.

The Iris+ is rated for a flight time of about 16-22 minutes—it just depends on factors like payload (up to 8 pounds), wind conditions and more. That may not seem like a lot, but it should be just enough to get your a nice shot at sunset.

Some of the Iris+'s other features include automatic mission planning and flight protection, which allows the Iris+ to land automatically. So you can essentially set a path using the follow me feature, and let the drone do its thing. It gives you the time and the freedom to compose your other shots down on the ground.

The Iris+ is offered in two different frequencies: 915 MHz and 433 MHz; 915 MHz is for the U.S. and Canada. You can also add a ton of other options to your purchase, including an SD card, GoPro HERO4, and more. Prices start at $750, which means it's more of an investment than anything.

To learn more about the features and capabilities of the Iris+, check out Ron's review above.