In the past, we’ve been blown away by functional 3D printed keys, electric motorcycles and sunglasses, but a San Francisco startup has now done one better. Using a mobile 3D printer, Apis Cor took to a Russian town to build… A house. Yeah, you read that right — a house.

Sure, it’s hardly big enough to be a family home, but the 400-square-foot building, which is around the same size as a standard hotel room, took less than 24-hours to construct and didn’t require any prefabricated parts — the concrete walls, partitions and building envelope were all 3D printed.

Some manual labour was needed, notes Engadget. Workers had to paint the structure and install the roofing materials, wiring, hydro-acoustic and thermal insulation. They were also tasked with fitting various appliances, including a fridge and curved TV, provided by Samsung.

The total cost of the project? $10,134 (not including the price of the land itself), with the door and windows taking up the largest chunk of the budget. Whether there’s demand for such a product remains unknown, but if the TinyHouses subreddit is anything to go by, there are around 87,000 people interested in living large in small spaces.

But how exactly was it built?

To see how the compact house was built, be sure to check out the video below: