Just a friendly reminder that the day has finally arrived and that Final Fantasy VII isn't the only game getting a long-overdue retro release. M2, the emulation magicians behind all of SEGA's excellent 3D classics, is releasing their most challenging project yet on the Nintendo 3DS. 3D Gunstar Heroes can be yours anytime and anywhere for just $5.99.

If you haven't played some iteration of Treasure's undisputed masterpiece, be it the original SEGA Genesis release or the modern day Steam port, then this is the place to do so. Each of M2's fabulous upgrades have proven to be a "criterion" release of the games with bonuses far exceeding the 3D graphics.

Even without the added bonuses, 3D Gunstar Heroes is still $5.99 for the ability to crash through one of the most intense action games of all time, playable no matter where you go and emulated to absolute perfection by the best in the business. I'm having trouble seeing a downside here.

More thoughts after I download and play it.