Lufia isn't the only retro name you should be able to recognize on the Nintendo 3DS release list this week. The emulation geniuses at M2 are continuing their excellent line-up of classic 3D SEGA arcade games with one of the company's most influential titles ever, After Burner II.

Fans of flight games know that the genre usually boils down to two different flavors: simulation and arcade style. Some, like the Ace Combat series, are able to ride that very thin line between the two, but After Burner II has no problem identifying itself as the purest arcade action available. In fact, this is the series which the whole sub-genre of arcade flight is based on!

Hundreds of missiles tucked into your planes hull. Super sonic speeds with incredibly simple controller input. Impossible stunts and maneuvers that would give even Tom Cruise goose bumps. An absolute challenge to the bitter end. That's not all you'll be getting with this game either because it's also very important to gaming history as well. Prepare for a lesson!

In the 1980's, SEGA's arcade guru Yu Suzuki was responsible for a whole sling of games that perfectly used 2D graphic techniques to create a fast, exciting, and most importantly, viable 3D experience. After Burner II perfected the layering techniques used to create other arcade classics like Space Harrier, Super Hang-On, and Out Run, making it the full realization of one of gaming's most influential developers.

Of course, 3D polygons caught on in the arcades not long after that, and Suzuki changed gears to revolutionize those practices as well.

M2 has had a lot of success as porting these arcade classics into 3D. 3D After Burner II comes with an arcade-perfect port of the original game, optional 3D graphics, extra settings to create unique experiences every time you play, and the motion controls used to replicate the feel of the classic arcade deck.

At $5.99 this coming Thursday, it's an absolute steal!