Facebook on Wednesday announced that 360-degree videos are officially rolling out to news feeds around the world, with content provided by several big names in entertainment and sports. It is not the standalone application that has also been rumored.

The videos will allow you to either pan around from your computer or, if you’re holding a smartphone, pan the phone around so that you can watch a video from all angles. The first supported platforms include the Web and Android devices, Facebook explained, but it will be available on iOS devices “in the coming months.”

Content is currently being provided by Saturday Night Live, VICE, Lucasfilm & Disney, Discovery, GoPro and LeBron James & Entertainment. It doesn’t seem that any regular Joe can just upload 360-degree content just yet, but Facebook did say that it’s opening it up to “video creators and storytellers” in the coming days — we assume those are professionals.

There’s already some compelling content, though. Facebook highlighted an “exclusive 360-degree experience” developed by Lucasfilm and Disney for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, for example.

You should start seeing the new videos as soon as today.