If you're keen on streaming video wirelessly to your television from your iOS devices, but you don't want to spend $99 on an Apple TV to do it, then check out this video. It features the $35 Raspberry Pi computer showing off its impressive AirPlay capabilities.

The single-board ARM-based Model B computer is hooked up to an HDTV via HDMI, and it runs an AirPlay application that's compatible with Raspberry Pi. As you can see from the video above — featuring some delightful dancing cows — the device does a terrific job of handling wireless video streaming from an iPad.

This particular Linux-powered machine is a slightly better model than the $25 Raspberry Pi machine, featuring an Ethernet port and 256MB of RAM (as opposed to 128MB). It went into production earlier this week, but there's no word just yet on when it will begin shipping.

Are you impressed with the Model B's ability to handle video streaming over AirPlay?

[via Engadget]