Sitting tight, still waiting for more news on Halo? Not much has been seen of Microsoft's flagship franchise since a mysterious teaser trailer at E3 last year and promises of spin-off entertainment from Steven Spielberg. In the meantime, other science-fiction FPS series have been stealing all the limelight.

How does Microsoft plan to push this series forward to a whole new generation of gamers who might not have even been born when Master Chief was the reigning king of the video game world?

All in good time, says Microsoft's Phil Spencer via Twitter, promising that 343 Industries has a "great plan" for the franchise.

Evolve, Titanfall and Destiny have all risen to take its place, and the ever-looming threat of Call of Duty is lurking somewhere. Halo 4 was nearly a relic by comparison when released, and while we might have enjoyed the throwback, it stands a great chance of being left behind without new ideas.

Any guesses as to how 343 Industries pushes on with Halo? And how old do you even have to be to call Halo a throwback anyway? Oh man…