Verizon Communications is currently reorganizing Verizon Wireless and the changes will affect about 3,000 of the carrier's employees, according to a report from the Associated Press published on Wednesday. The changes will apply to employees based in California, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, and will either force employees located in those areas to seek new jobs inside of Verizon Wireless or to pack up and move to where there are job openings.

Obviously folks with families and deeply embedded local roots probably won't be able to just pick up and leave at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, it sounds like if there aren't any open positions locally those employees will instead have to accept a Verizon severance package and look for a new job elsewhere. The company isn't laying anyone off in this shift, and will instead hire new employees to take the spots of those who aren't able to transition within the firm. The Associated Press said that Verizon plans to finish the reorganization by this May.

There aren't many specific details about the shuffle, only that it will mostly affect employees who work in Verizon Wireless' customer care facilities. As such, it's moving some people around to different offices for various reasons.