If anybody at Square Enix still knows how to keep it real, it's the Dragon Quest team. Every game that comes from the studio still continues to amaze and inspire, despite sticking to the same core mechanics and aesthetics for the last 25 years. Not many franchises out there can admit to evolving so smoothly with their roots so intact.

Apparently, Nintendo thought eleven minutes wasn't enough, so the latest on the game from their direct feed shows off a staggering half hour of content. Join the Japanese development staff as they begin with the character creation process, socialize amongst beta testers, and eventually take one of their own characters into battle. If anything, be sure to stick around for the in-game CG towards the end of the footage; these games' artwork never gets old.

One important tidbit of information that's easy to overlook is the narrators are controlling the game with classic controllers, meaning that this MMORPG will not be bogged down with forced motion controls. Of course, they narrate in Japanese, so basic knowledge in the language is important to understand everything in the trailer, but most of what is available is self explanatory.

While confirmed to be subscription based, Square Enix is determined to get this game in every person's hand. A ten hour offline mode will be available as a preview for the game's world, and certain hours of the day will be free for children without the blessings of plastic money.

The game launches this Thursday in Japan, and no, school will not be closed to accommodate for the game's release. I know this because I have to work…ugh. Still nothing yet for the American version.

[via Destructoid]