iOS 6 Maps

Should Apple buy the map making company TomTom in an effort to improve its Maps offering as quickly as possible? We think Apple should do anything to improve Maps as fast as it can, and one analyst argues that it's a very real possibility Apple will place a bid.

Hans Slob, an analyst with Rabobank, said that he believes there's a 30 percent chance Apple will place a bid on TomTom, and thinks the buy could be a good idea because TomTom has the ability to make changes much faster than Apple does. "TomTom needs the cash from Apple, and Apple needs the know-how of TomTom," Slob said in a note obtained by Bloomberg.

Apple's Maps software came under fire immediately after it replaced Google Maps in iOS 6. It ultimately led to the departure of Scott Forstall. Issues are still rampant and, as early as this week, Australian police were advising drivers not to use the software.